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Unread postPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:56 pm 
It was at a Glory Hole, (GH), the first time I ever saw my wife, Brandie, interact with another man in a sexual way!

I had been trying to get her into the "HOT Wifing" lifestyle, (I wanted to "share" her with other men), for quite some time. I had been getting her warmed up to the idea of "sharing" her for several months. I had gotten her use to the idea by getting her to dress as sleazy as she dared and then I took her out to bars and nightclubs to show off "my SLUT"! When we got back home, we would always have incredible sex as I told her what all the men, who had been staring at her all night, would like to be doing to her.

I finally got her to go out to a swingers club with me just to check it out. We had a GREAT time! It was a fantastic place to party, all those half naked, (some naked!), horny women, being pursued by horny men, you couldn't help but get HORNY while partying there.

Since we were there for our first time, we didn't get into any serious swinging, or sexual action with other people. The wildest it got, was when I got Brandie out of her panties, got her skirt up around her waist, and finger fucked her at our table to an orgasm while several men stood close by and watched!

By the time we left the club, around 2AM, we were both horny as Hell and wanting MORE action; the "kinkier" the BETTER! I suggested we stop in at a local Adult Bookstore, (ABS), and she surprised me when she agreed. My wife was wearing the short assed denim skirt, black thigh high stockings that didn’t even come up to the hem of the skirt, no panties, (I had taken them off in the club), a pair of black satin high heeled pumps, a white button up blouse that was unbuttoned halfway down her bare tits, (I had gotten her out of her bra at the club too), that she had been wearing when we left the club, and so she was looking every bit the trampy little “SLUT”, that I wanted her to be! As we entered the ABS and made our way to the movie booths, my “SLUT” was getting plenty of attention!

We found a movie booth with a GH in it, we went in, and a couple of guys jostled each other to see which one would get in the other booth, one guy won the race. I locked our door behind us, put my tokens in the slot, and started a movie on the screen, then I embraced my wife and we started making out and pawing each other all over. I got her blouse open to expose her large 38D tits, then I pulled her skirt up around her waist, and started finger fucking her while we were making out. We stopped kissing for a moment and looked to see if we were being watched through the Glory Hole.

Of course, the guy in the other booth was watching us through the GH and we could see that he had his cock in his hand and was stroking himself. We went back to making out, but now we stood a bit sideways, so he could plainly see my hand and fingers working on my wife's pussy and me sucking on her tits.

Although we hadn't gotten into any serious sharing action yet, we had recently discovered that my wife really enjoyed being watched while she was having sex! It REALLY turned her on! So doing this while the man in the other booth was watching, had my wife's pussy practically running with juices and she was really enjoying herself!

Then Brandie got on her knees, took my cock out, and gave the guy a great show of her sucking my cock. Several times she would look sideways at the man through the GH, with my cock in her mouth, or smile at him while she pulled it out and just licked it with her tongue.

When her knees started to hurt, my wife stood back up and we started making out again.

The guy from the other booth stepped up to the hole and put his fat, hard cock through the hole, then just stood there. My wife and I stood there looking at his cock and I told her, "He wants you to play with it."

Brandie shot a look at me as if she didn't believe me, then I said, "Yeah, I'm serious. He wants you to play with his cock."

Then without saying a word, my wife reached out and wrapped her hand around this strange man's cock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! This was the very first time, I had ever SEEN my wife actually touching another man in a sexual way and here it was at a GH, where we didn't even know who he was, or couldn't even see "him".

I stood there watching Brandie as she stood there staring at the hard, fat cock in her hand, (which wasn't mine!), and she stroked it gently and carefully, at first. After a minute or so, she got used to the idea of what she was doing, and she started stroking it more aggressively and more sexually, in the way that she knows a man likes to be stroked, as if she was trying to get him off.

Eventually, she got up the courage to be a little bolder and she stepped close to the GH and rubbed the man's cockhead on her cleanly shaved pussy. She even pulled the tip of it up and down between her pussy lips, stopping for a moment to rub it on her clit! The whole time this is going on, I'm standing there watching, with my hard cock sticking out of my pants and when she rubbed his cock on her pussy, I DAMN NEAR BLEW MY LOAD!

I watched my wife playing with this stranger's cock for several minutes, then I wanted some more attention. So, I pulled her away from the wall and GH, and turned her back, towards the hole. I told her to bend over and suck my cock. She bent over, with her ass and pussy almost up against the GH, and proceeded to suck my cock. I grabbed a fist full of her hair and sort of forcefully started fucking my wife’s mouth.

The other man reached through the GH and started playing with, rubbing, and eventually finger fucking my wife's pussy, while she was sucking my cock. I could tell the moment he slid his fingers into my wife’s pussy because she shuddered, and moaned on my cock in a way that I knew she had fingers in her cunt! This was NEARLY MORE THAN I COULD STAND! I had to pull out of my wife's mouth before she made me cum, I wasn't ready to do that yet, and end this game.

Although I had pulled my cock out of Brandie's mouth, she still stood there, bent over, with her hands on her knees, allowing this strange man to finger fuck her. I could tell the guy was working my wife good with his fingers, because she was moaning and wiggling with pleasure. I could hear the squishing sounds of her wet pussy and could smell my wife's aroma filling the small booth! I bent over her head and reached under her to play with and pinch her tits and nipples the way I know she likes. After a few minutes, I stepped back towards my wife, grabbed her hair again, lifted her head up, and fed my cock back into her waiting mouth.

She sucked me for less than a minute when she suddenly bolted upright and grabbing me close, she whispered to me, "I think he just came on my ass!"

My wife turned around and I confirmed for her what she thought. I could see globs of his cum on her ass and his load was running all down the backs of her legs.

I saw a "look" come over my wife's face as if she was thinking, "Alright now, I'm done fuckin' around! SOMEONE is going to get ME OFF!"

There was a chair in the booth, so I pulled it over, next to the GH, and sat down in it. Brandie stood facing me and put one foot up on the chair between my legs. Then she grabbed my shoulders to steady herself. With her standing there, like that, right up at the GH, our "friend", knew EXACTLY what she wanted. He reached through the hole and started rubbing my wife's pussy and then shoving a couple of fingers hard up her cunt, he started finger fucking her, again!

Here we were, I was sitting in a chair, in a movie booth in an ABS watching another man, (a STRANGE MAN!), fingering my wife's pussy, just INCHES in front of my face! I could SEE her juices running out of her cunt, all over his hand, and onto the insides of her thighs and the tops of her stockings. The SMELL was strong and sexual. Once again, I NEARLY lost it!

I watched for several minutes as this guy worked his fingers in and out of my wife's cunt. She was REALLY enjoying it! She was moaning and groaning and he made her cum a couple of smaller orgasms. A couple of times she would bend over and kiss me hard on the mouth while this guy was working his fingers in and out of her. Sometimes she was whispering to me about how good it felt and how fucking horny she was.

As I watched my wife getting finger fucked by another man, I realized that "this" was why I had a desire to share her with other men. I could see my wife, in a way that I couldn't see her, when she and I were making love. At this very moment, sitting in the chair while another man was making my wife have orgasms, I was able to see ALL of her, and not just the small parts of her I could see, when she and I, were squeezed together making love.

I was able to look at her face and watch her facial expressions. I could see the looks of pure unadulterated sexual pleasure that she was experiencing. She was HOT, horny, and enjoying this sex, (those fingers in her snatch), and she didn't care who's fingers they were, as long as they were making her cum! I could sit back and watch her body as she swayed her hips back and forth on this other man's hand, encouraging him to fuck her more. I watched as her body, legs, and belly, all spasmed and shook as she had some of her small orgasms. I could even see her pussy juices coating the man's hand, seeping out around his fingers, running onto her legs and stockings. I even saw her pussy spasm and twitch around his fingers when she came!

I was acutely aware of the aroma of her juices filling the air, and it struck me, I had seen her get extremely wet many times when we had sex, but I never remembered smelling it, until after we were done. Here I was, smelling it as it happened!

When she and I had sex, I could only see a small part of this; I could never see it ALL at once, as I could now! As I sat there, in that movie booth, watching my wife getting finger fucked by another man, I realized, this being able to watch my wife from a distance, even though it was from only a foot away, THIS, was why I wanted to share my wife!

When Brandie and I had sex, no matter how kinky it was, we were still making love. I wanted to watch her having sex, and enjoying it, not because she was making love, but simply because she was fucking HOT and wanted to have an orgasm! That's the way it was the first few times she and I ever had sex, but it wasn't long before we were in love. I wanted to see her again, having sex just because she was horny and wanted to cum!

My thoughts turned back from my desires about sharing her, to the immediate action going on in front of me. I could tell that my wife was building up to that, "BIG ONE". I pushed the chair back, stood up, embraced her as he continued fingering her, and I said into her ear, "He's going to make you cum hard, isn't he?"

She moaned and nodded her head as she grunted, "Yesss!"

Then I whispered into her ear, "Let it cum, Baby! Let that cunt feel good! Let him make you cum like the SLUT you are!", and as I said that, my wife threw her head back, moaned, and groaned, and screamed a little, as she came HARD! Her whole body shuddered and I had to hold her up as she went through the throes of her orgasm! I'm sure that anyone outside the booths could plainly hear her, over all the phony moaning and groaning coming from all the movies playing in all the booths.

Once she had finished her orgasm, the man withdrew his hand and I helped my wife sit down in the chair near the GH. Then I stepped up to her, grabbed the back of her head, and shoved my cock into her mouth. She and I BOTH knew, this wasn't going to take long!

Brandie gave me a few of those expert sucking motions she's so good at on my cock, and within less than a minute, I pulled out and she stroked my cock as I shot my load all over the movie screen for the viewing pleasure of our "neighbor"!

Once I regained my composure, I pulled my wife up out of the chair and embraced her in a loving way, and we kissed in a more loving, passionate way, than the more sexual way we had been doing for the last 30 minutes, or so. I rubbed her bare ass, she hugged me, and I told her how sexy she was, how much fun this had all been, and how much I loved her that she would do all of this kinky stuff for me. She told me that it wasn’t just all for me, that she had fun too and enjoyed every bit of what we had done all night long!

Then I zipped my pants up, my wife buttoned her blouse, and pulled her short skirt down over her ass, (it barely covered it!), and with another man's cum running down the backs of her legs, her juices running all down between her thighs, and the tops of her stockings wet with juices, my wife and I walked out of the booth.

As we stepped out of the booth, there were several men crowded into the hallway just outside our booth. They had obviously been enjoying the show by "sound". I pushed my wife ahead of me, as we had to squeeze through the crowd and I wanted to be sure I could see that my wife was safe in the crowd, unlike I could if she were behind me. As we made our way through the crowded hallway, a couple of the men grabbed a feel of my wife's ass, (and got some cum on their hands, I'm sure!).

My wife was a bit embarrassed to think that these men all knew what she had been doing, and so she moved through the crowd quickly, (she was making pretty good progress on those black high heel pumps she was wearing!), and I had to move a little faster, in order to catch up to her. As we headed down the larger hallway towards the store area, a short, balding, 50'ish man, approached us and holding up his hand, he said to me, "Man! She was great! She got me wet clear to my elbow!" As he said it, my wife momentarily stopped and looked back at us.

The look on my wife's face was one of total embarrassment! Her face blushed and she turned to quickly walk away. As I started to go after her, I told the guy, "Glad you had a good time, because we had a BLAST!"

When we got out into the car, my wife said, "You don't think those men in the hallway knew what we were doing, do you?"

I told her, "Well, they might not have known EXACTLY what we were doing, but by the moaning, groaning, and screaming you were doing, they knew we were having some sort of sex. Besides, I'm sure they could SMELL it, when we came out! And, when we got out into the brighter lights of the store, anyone looking, which was just about every man in the place as you walked through, could SEE the wetness on the backs of your legs, stockings, and the inside of your thighs and the tail of your skirt is a little wet."

She said, "Oh my God! EVERYONE knew what I was doing?"

I told her to calm down and remember where we were, an Adult Bookstore! EVERYONE was there to get into something "kinky"!

Well, she got over the embarrassment and that wasn't to be the last adventure we ever had in an ABS, or at a GH!

Unread postPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:29 pm 
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Wow - very hot story.

Thanks for sharing it with us!

"Fantasy restores sanity"

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