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 Post subject: Lana goes Black
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Lana goes Black

“Lana,” I whispered. “Turn around real slow and have a look at the guy sitting at the bar. Would he be okay?”

My wife glanced at the young black male I’d directed her attention to and looked at me in disbelief.

“You’ve got to be kidding Mike!”

“Why not sweetheart? I think he’d be just perfect. With his great build I bet he’d give you a really good fuck!”

Lana blushed. Even though she loved to fuck she still had trouble admitting it. It had taken me a hell of a long time to convince her I’d love to watch her having sex with another man but finally she’d decided if we were in a place where no one knew us all we had to do was to find the right guy!

“He’s cute Mike but for Pete’s sakes he’s way too young … he’s only in his twenties! He’d never be interested in anybody my age!”

“Sure he would honey! I noticed that when you got up to go to the washroom he was really checking you out. I’ll bet he’d love to fuck you!”

“Oh go on Mike!” she blushed, but she did look pleased. “You’re just teasing me!”

“No I’m not…Go play some music on that old Wurlitzer in the corner and you’ll see what I mean.”

“Okay I will, but you know what they say about being careful what you wish for!”

Lana stood up, smoothed down her skirt and putting an extra little wiggle in her walk made her way over to the jukebox. She gave the kid a suggestive look as she brushed past him and made a point of bending over very slowly as she dropped some money in the machine. It was obvious she was displaying her tight little ass to him. On her return she brushed against him once more and blushed as she sat down at our table.

“You’re right!” Lana whispered, looking pleased as punch. “He really is looking at me! God he’s gorgeous! I’d do him in a heartbeat but I really don’t think he’d want an old lady like me!”

My cock rose in my pants as I realized we weren’t playing a game any more.

“Lana you look so sexy I bet every guy in the bar has the hots for you! I think he’d be easy to talk into a little fun if we could figure out a way to meet him.”

I guess I should talk about how Lana and I got to this point. My name is Mike Haskin and I’m just your average guy. I’m a fifty year old auto mechanic who’s a little on the short side with sandy thinning hair and a bit of a beer gut. I’m kind of ordinary in the looks department so I really hit the jackpot in marrying Lana. She’s shorter than me but she’s a real looker with shiny, shoulder length black hair, perky tits, great legs, and an incredible ass that attracts men like a magnet.

Lana’s sex drive has always been way stronger than mine so I worried a lot about her having an affair. Sure enough, one weekend I was away taking a mechanics course and a guy from her office had talked her into a couple of drinks and the two of them had wound up in a motel room doing the nasty.

But Lana’s nagging guilt got the better of her so she confessed what she’d done. I made her tell me everything and my reaction surprised us both. I’d got a huge hard on while listening to her, and from then on we’d always talk about her screwing some guy or another while we had sex. I guess it was inevitable we’d take it to the next level.

For tonight’s adventure Lana was wearing a little black mini skirt that hugged her so tight it looked like it had been sprayed on and a white see thru blouse knotted just underneath her perky tits. On her legs she wore a pair of sexy black stay ups with four inch gold heels and a rhinestone ankle bracelet to hint she’d be up for a good time. I gotta tell ya… for a woman in her forties Lana looked hot as hell.

We live in a little town in Missouri where everybody makes it their business to know yours so any swinging we might ever do would have to be elsewhere. We’d saved up for a long time to come to San Francisco where we could let our hair down and have some fun. The city was known to have a wild side.

I’d talked my wife into taking in a male strip show and it had literally blown her away. The lead dancer was a Rastafarian type with washboard abs and Lana really got the hots for him. She must have been fairly obvious about it because he’d climbed down off the stage and done a strip tease just for her.

The guy brought out the hidden slut in Lana and back at our hotel she’d practically raped me on the way up in the elevator and we had the best sex ever when we got to our room. Although we’d fantasized about me watching her having sex with another man till then we’d never thought about the guy being black.

She admitted his color turned her on and she wished she could have fucked him so I decided to try to change her fantasy into reality. We were in a strange city where no one knew us and we’d never have a better opportunity. The kid was absolutely perfect. He was young, fit, and black, and obviously attracted to her so I decided I’d strike while the iron was hot.

“Look Lana,” I whispered. ‘What the hell… If you’re game I’m just gonna go right up there and ask him if he’d like to join us for a drink? What do you say? Are you up to it?”

Lana was tongue tied. With an opportunity staring her right in the face my wife was in a dilemma. What she wanted to do went against all convention and she had to make darn sure I wanted it too before committing herself.

“Honey I’ll just invite him over for a drink and see what happens, okay? I’d love you to do it but no pressure… it’s strictly up to you!”

Lana looked at him then back at me and made her decision.

“Okay Mike, I’ll do it…but if anything happens don’t change your mind on me and get mad about it alright?”

“I won’t baby, I promise.”

I hoped I could keep my promise, but I really didn’t know how I’d react. All I knew was I’d never been so horny. But I really had to force myself to get up from my chair and talk to him. I walked up to the bar before I could change my mind, sat down and cleared my throat.

“Excuse me, can I talk to you?” I said, in a shaky voice.

He turned to me with a curious look and asked what was up. Trying to not sound too stupid I carried on with my plan.

“Hi, my name’s Mike. My wife Lana and I are on holiday here in San Francisco and were wondering if we could buy you a drink. See the thing is we’ve never been here before and thought maybe you could tell us what things are worth seeing.”

He looked at me then over at my wife and grinned. I had a hunch he knew what we were really after but was willing to go along with our game. He made me sweat for it though, pausing a little before answering.

“Hey man that’s real nice. Thanks, I’ll have bourbon on the rocks. My name’s Jerome and I’d be happy to help you out “Where you from?” he asked shaking my hand with a grip so strong I was worried he’d break it.

“Missouri. Nice to meet you Jerome and thanks, it’ll be a big help. This place is all so new to us.

What am I doing I thought to myself. Jesus the guy’s built like a tank! Do I really want him to fuck Lana? If his cock is as big as the rest of him she could get hooked on it! But I’m a man so I let my dick decide for me.

I ordered a couple of beers and bourbon for Jerome then led him back to our table. Lana giggled nervously and blushed as he smiled and sat down next to her. Things were going a heck of a lot easier than I’d imagined.

“Sweetheart, this is Jerome. Jerome, this is my wife Lana.”

Jerome looked Lana up and down like he was buying a new car, took her tiny little hand in his and made a big show of kissing it. If his eyes could have undressed her she’d have been naked by now. Lana’s face was so red I’m sure he knew her panties were soaking wet.

“Hey Lana! How ya doing? Mike says you guy’s are from out of town and need some advice. What kind of things do you like to do? Anything in particular you’d like to see?”

The way Lana looked at him I was worried she was going to jump his bones right then but she kept herself in check and just asked general questions about the city. It felt like I was watching two animals in mating season sniffing each other out before they began to rut. Jerome was a real smooth operator, because by the time we’d had two drinks his hand was stroking the inside of her leg while he whispered in Lana’s ear.

The other patrons started to sit up and take notice but Jerome and Lana were so hot to trot they were oblivious to it. Any pretence about looking at the sights was gone. His hand had climbed even higher up under Lana’s skirt and was probably in her panties. I felt like I’d stoked up a big locomotive and got it running full bore then realized there were no brakes. I cleared my throat to get Lana’s attention.

“What do you say we all go back to the hotel for a nightcap honey?”

“Great idea Mike,” Jerome answered for her. “But hey I’m not misreading this am I? You do want me to fuck your wife, right?”

Unable to make eye contact with him I stared into my glass. “I…I guess so but it’s really up to Lana.”

By now probably half the people in the bar knew Lana was going to be fucked big time. What was happening seemed so surreal and I was really embarrassed but my dick was hard enough to pound nails with and I was getting through it okay. Jerome threw in his two cents worth.

“I think your wife has already made up her mind man. Hey, don’t be embarrassed about it. I think it’s cool you’d allow your little woman to have herself some strange. She’s lucky to have a husband looking out for her needs. Isn’t that right Lana?”

Lana looked over at me and blushed. I could see she was trying to appear ‘with it.’

“Yeah… Mike’s a great guy but you know, I do think he’s right Jerome. We really should go back to the hotel.”

Whatever you say little lady,” Jerome chuckled. “You’re the boss.”

Lana drained her glass, rose from her chair and took his hand. Jerome pulled her to him and kissed her while giving her ass a little squeeze. As they brazenly swapped tongues I noticed some of the patrons were giving me a sympathetic look. Jerome and Lana strolled arm in arm to the exit and I followed behind discreetly trying to tuck my hard on under my belt. Once we were out on the sidewalk Lana turned to me. She’d never looked so horny.

“Mike honey, would you go to the store and get something for us to drink? Jerome and I’ll see you back at the hotel, okay?” he asked. Her voice sounded decidedly husky and the way she looked at me left little choice.

“I...I guess so sweetheart,” I stammered and headed reluctantly off.

I found a little coffee shop and cooled my heels to give them some alone time then picked up some bourbon and beer and slowly headed back to the hotel. When I got to the room I was so excited I could hardly breathe. Not sure what to expect I slipped the key into the slot and opened the door.

The first thing I saw was Lana crouched over Jerome sucking his enormous cock while he lay back on the bed holding her by her hair. This was a big surprise to me. Whenever I’d asked for a blowjob she’d always turned me down.

Except for Lana’s high heels and panties and Jerome’s white socks which for reasons known only to him were still on his feet the two of them were naked. I stood there a moment watching her tits swaying underneath her then ripped off my shirt and stumbled out of my pants. I was so friggin horny I pulled a chair over beside the bed and began to jack off as I watched them. You know the old saying. I’m from Missouri so I’ve gotta see it to believe it.

“You’re a lucky guy Mike!” Jerome grinned at me as he squeezed Lana’s wife’s tits. Your wife gives an amazing blowjob!”

Hefting his tennis ball sized balls in the upturned palm of her hand Lana smiled at his compliment and swallowed his full length. His precum had mixed with Lana’s saliva and was hanging in ropy strands from her full crimson lips. She looked like a pro.

I felt all crazy inside but I was so turned on I couldn’t help playing with myself as I watched.

“Fuck Lana…take it easy baby or I’m gonna blow my load!!!” he croaked, kneading her tits as she lovingly licked up and down the length of his cock.

When she heard he was about to come she sped up, fervently milking the shaft with her tiny hand. I’d drawn my chair up close and could see perspiration beading up on his forehead. Lana fingers flew up and down his cock in a blur, the wedding ring I’d given her glinting in the darkened hotel room, making what she was doing seem even dirtier. She pulled him out of her mouth with an audible pop.

“I want you to Jerome!!” she gurgled. “Shoot it in my mouth and all over my face!! Come on! Fucking give it to me!!!”

He took her at her word, using her mouth like a cunt, fucking away at it until he groaned and let out a tortured cry. Lana gripped his dusky ass cheeks, sealing her lips around the head of his throbbing manhood and sucking with a vengeance. I could smell Lana’s arousal and I’m sure it got to him too, because he suddenly emptied his steaming load deep in her gullet.

Lana whimpered softly and swallowed it down. She turned to me with a crazed look on her face. And motioned for me to come close so she could suck me off too. My emotions were all over the map but my cock was hard as iron. Some of the kid’s cum had bubbled out of her mouth and was hanging from her chin. She’d never looked sexier to me.

I shoved my aching cock into Lana’s frothing lips. Still turned on from blowing Jerome she went to work like a woman possessed. It wasn’t long before I felt a pressure starting deep in my balls.

“Oh god, baby!” I gasped. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhggggh!!!!”

I blew my load into her mouth, taking us both by surprise then suddenly she started to moan and whimper. Jerome had recovered and come up behind her and pulled her back onto his dick.

“Oh gawddd!!! Oh fuck!!! Oh Jesusss…oh Jesusss!!!”she moaned.

At first I thought he was hurting her, but she began pleading with the kid to fuck her harder. I’d never seen her acting like that before. With strings of cum swaying from her lips she bucked like a wild bronco.

“You want harder? How’s this for harder, you horny cunt?” Jerome asked and smacked Lana’s ass. The wet slupping sounds of her sexing echoed in the hotel room.

“Oh god!” she sobbed. “Oh god Mike….It feels so fucking goood!!!!”

Jerome chuckled in her ear. “You like that baby? You like my big black dick in your married white pussy?

“Stop teasing me and fuck me you dirty bastard!!!” she panted.

Jerome pulled out of my wife and lay back on the bed with his upright cock pointing up at the ceiling. Lana’s lipstick was smeared all over its head, making it appear even more menacing.

“Here you go baby… If you want it squat over me and put it in!”

Lana climbed on top of Jerome, reached underneath herself and took his cock. Biting her lower lip in concentration, she eased herself down on it until it was buried halfway up inside her. She looked so small and helpless impaled on his dick

“Oh my fucking goddd!!!” she moaned, her voice trembling.

When I saw how tightly her cunt lips clung to his thick black pole I realized it was too late for any regrets. Even though his cock was only halfway in it was already reaching far deeper and filling her more than mine ever could. Lana’s eyes were glazed with lust. She started off real slow and then began to speed up, pumping her ass up and down like a woman possessed. My cuckolding had begun in earnest.

“Oh god…Oh godd…Oh goddd!!!”

Lana’s tits swayed as the bedsprings squeaked. She was crying so loud I was afraid all the people on our floor would hear her. Her nipples were puffy and her eyes looked wild and crazy. She fed him her tits while his big black hands squeezed her milky white ass. She’d managed to get his whole length up inside her and was getting the fucking of a lifetime.

I’d opened Pandora’s Box and there was no going back. My wife was hooked on black cock.

Lana cried out to me and her cunt squirted all over his cock and balls.

“Oh fuck… Mike!” she gasped. “I’m coming…and he’s coming too!!! Oh god in heaven he’s cumming way up inside me!!!”

Lana shuddered as they came together, then after a long pause she eased herself off Jerome with a contented sigh and lay there panting. I’d never seen so much cum. It was everywhere. My wife had been well and truly fucked.

“Man, you’re a great piece of ass Lana!!” Jerome said. Unbelievably his cock was still quite erect.

“Thanks,” she blushed. “You’re not bad yourself!”

“I had a wonderful time,” he said. “But I really think its time for me to leave you two lovebirds alone!”

Jerome got a towel from the bathroom and dried himself off then pulled on his pants and buttoned up his shirt.

“Wait! How are we going to leave this?” Lana asked with a look on her face bordering on panic. “Will we see you again?”

“I dunno. I guess maybe I could call tomorrow.”

He let himself out so we could sort things out between us. I looked at what Jerome had done to my wife and knew things would never be the same. I had no idea anyone could produce so much cum. Her cunt and asshole were covered in it. She lay back on the rumpled sheets and held out her arms to me.

“You okay Mike?” she asked “You’re not mad at me for doing this are you? I do love you, you know.”

“Look don’t feel guilty Lana. …I wanted it to happen as much as you did!”

“Oh baby, he filled me with so much cum and its got me so horny! Will you suck my pussy for me? Please honey?”

I gingerly kissed my way down her lower belly but Lana had other ideas. She had me lie on my back then got on her knees and straddled my face. Holding her delectable little ass in my hands I looked up at the evidence of her debauchery. The pungent scent of her sexing filled my nostrils and my cock rose in the air. Lana moaned and lowered her freshly fucked cunt onto my mouth.

“Oh yeah that feels so good!! Oh…oh…oh god Mike that feels so good!!! Jesus…I think I’m gonna come again baby! You’d better fuck me now!!”

Lana climbed off my cum soaked face, laid back on the rumpled sheets and spread her legs in invitation. That night I fucked Lana more often and in more positions than I would have ever dreamt possible. Then when we were thoroughly sated the two of us went to sleep.


The next day we had a leisurely brunch and set off to see the city. We started off by walking across the Golden Gate Bridge then rode a cable car up to the Castro district to gawk at the gay guys. From there we took in Haight Ashbury and hopped on the cable car again to go down to the waterfront where we ate some great seafood in a funky little oyster bar.

After a late lunch we took a cab back to our hotel. All day we’d avoided talking about what had happened. It was so new to us I guess we were both embarrassed. Lana had been obviously thinking about it though because the first thing she did when we got to our room was check the phone for a message from Jerome. When she saw the red light flashing her face lit up. She could hardly wait for him to fuck her again.

“Mike, if it’s him we don’t have to phone him back,” Lana said, hiding her enthusiasm. “We can make it just a one time thing if you want. I mean now we know what it’s like, we don’t really have to do it again. What do you think?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” I teased. “Let’s not return his call. I kinda wanted to take in a movie tonight anyway.”

Lana bit her lip, trying to hide her disappointment. I let her stew for a couple of minutes before reassuring her.

“I’m pulling your leg Lana … I thought last night was the hottest thing I’d ever seen! I’m gonna leave it up to you honey, whatever you want I’ll be just fine with it.”

Lana gave me an angry look then snapped at me.

“You dirty son of a bitch. I didn’t know you were putting me on! It would really be okay if I fucked Jerome again?” she asked hopefully. “You wouldn’t think I was cheap and slutty if I wanted to?”

“Well to be honest Lana, it’s kinda late to be getting second thoughts. Heck I got off on it! Go on…admit you liked it too! Pick up the phone and see what he has to say…you know you wanna!!”

“I love you Mike! As long as you’re sure about it. I must admit last night ‘was’ pretty darned good!”

Trying to appear not too eager my wife reached for the phone. I waited while Lana listened to the message and when she hung up she was practically glowing. There was no need for her to tell me it was Jerome. She looked at me excitedly.

“He wants us to come to a party!”

“What kind of a party honey? What time and where?”

“In the Fillmore district and he said we’d never find it on our own. If we want to go we’re to meet him at a place called the Sheba lounge at nine thirty. He said all the cabbies know where Sheba’s is and his house is near there. We’ll have a couple of drinks then head on over to the party. He thinks we’re cool and said his friends will like us. There’ll be lots of good music and food. It sounds like fun!”

“Gee I dunno Lana. I thought he’d want to come over here again. Last night was one thing but what do we really know about this guy? What if him and his friends turn out to be some kind of weirdo’s?”

“You mean its okay to fuck him but not party with him?” Lana pouted. “Come on Mike! That’s so stupid. Don’t you think he would have done something last night if he was dangerous for Pete’s sake?”

Lana was right. The kid could have overpowered me if he’d wanted to and if he had given off any dangerous vibes I’d never let her fuck him. What the hell, we hadn’t partied in ages and it’d be good to mix with some younger people. Maybe afterwards Jerome could come back to the hotel and fuck her again.

“Okay sweetheart, call him and let him know we’ll be there. But if we’re the only white people there we’ll stick out like a pair of sore thumbs.”

“Don’t worry honey. Jerome said there’d be other white people at the party. It could be a lot of fun, and you never know,” she smiled as she dialed his number. “He might want to come back with us for another nightcap.”


“The cabby let us off at the Sheba Lounge at around quarter to ten. My first impression of the club was good. It was hip or whatever word they use nowadays. The place was nice, done up in funky colors with lots of wood and leather and big overstuffed chairs. It was elegant and comfortable, like being in someone’s living room. The kid had a lot of class.

The piano player was playing soft jazz for the crowd and I had to raise my voice to be heard. The hostess, a pretty black girl with legs that wouldn’t quit smiled when I told her we were supposed to meet Mr. Jefferson there.

“Jerome’s in the bar. Follow me please,” she said weaving her way through the tables until we reached a second, equally inviting room. Jerome was dressed in a stylish silk suit and sitting in front of a stylish gas fireplace. I was surprised to see another big black guy wearing shades and a white cashmere turtleneck sitting with him. Jerome grinned when he saw us and waved us over.

“Hey man, glad you could make it… Hi Lana! Meet my friend Lionel. Lionel, this is Mike and his lovely wife Lana.”

“Hey… whassup,” Lionel grinned looking Lana up and down. “Look at you girl! Jerome told me you were beautiful, but his description didn’t do you justice! I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about you little lady!”

Lionel was even bigger than Jerome and made me nervous but Lana seemed taken with him. Jerome stood up and Lana squeezed between the two of them leaving me to take the chair across the table. I sat watching helplessly as my wife lapped up all their attention. After a couple of drinks she was laughing away at all their jokes.

Lionel squeezed Lana’s upper thigh and she put her hand in his lap. Maybe it was an accident but I began to get an uneasy feeling about where things were headed. I resolved to stop things before they got too far out of hand. Jerome grinned at me.

“Chill out Mike! You look way too serious! Is everything okay, buddy?”

“I’m fine Jerome. Guess I’m a little tired. I don’t think Lana and I will be having a very late night tonight.”

“We’ve got just the thing to pick you up man. Lionel’s got some fine bud in the car that’ll make you right as rain! What do you say we take off to the party and fire it up along the way?”

Jerome was probably right. Maybe I was getting too serious. I didn’t want to spoil Lana’s night out. She’d really been looking forward to the party and maybe if I got a little buzz on it would put me more in the mood. I was kind of flattered Jerome saw us as cool enough to share a joint with and I looked at my wife to see if she had any objection. She was nodding enthusiastically which surprised me because as far as I knew she’d never done it before.

“Yeah okay, why not? That sounds like a plan.”

“Good…get the car Lionel,” Jerome smiled, “and we’ll meet you out front.”


We waited on the sidewalk and Lionel drove up in a big flashy white Cadillac. As soon as we’d settled in the back, Jerome lit a joint and passed it around. By my second toke I was wasted and couldn’t even imagine how Lana was doing! At first I was content to sit listening to the traffic noises but when Lionel put some music on I lay back in a dreamlike state staring at the car ceiling. As I lay there listening to every note any troubles we had seemed millions of light years away. I didn’t even know we’d stopped until Jerome was opening the car door.

“Hey you guys, what’s happening? Are we there yet?” I giggled; suddenly aware I had no idea where the hell were was.

My body felt like rubber and everything seemed to be in slow motion but I managed to haul myself up in my seat and out of the car. Jerome and Lionel were holding Lana up and helping her negotiate her way up the stairs of a big Victorian mansion. They went inside the house and I stumbled after them.

As I stepped through the door the music and reefer smoke hit me like a shock wave. A beautiful young black girl smiled and handed me a drink, and I searched through the sea of black faces for Lana. I was beginning to get worried when I saw a white guy sitting in a corner of the living room and staggered towards him, hoping he might have seen her.

“Excuse me,” I said “I’ve gotten separated from my wife and I wonder if you’ve seen her. She’s kind of short with long dark brown hair.”

“You mean the white chick with the great ass that came in with Jerome and Lionel?” I nodded and the guy grinned.

“They all went upstairs. You look kinda tired man. I’ll bet you’ve had some of that dynamite dope of Jerome’s. Relax…Sit down and take a load off. My wife’s with her so she’s in good hands.

“Okay,” I said, slumping into an empty easy chair. “I guess I am feeling a little tired.”

Lana could wait. My eyes were heavy and my legs felt like lead. I closed my eyes and drifted off and when I came to the guy had disappeared. I could have been out for ten minutes or two hours.

I remembered the guy had said Lana went upstairs with his wife. Thinking that must be where she was I hauled myself to my feet and made my way up the stairs. A couple of young black guys passed me on their way downstairs and I described Lana to them and asked if they’d seen her. They grinned at each other and pointed towards the first door so I pushed it open. A group of people had gathered in the middle of the room and I made my way forward to see what they were looking at.

Jerome was standing there with his pants around his ankle and Lana was naked and on her knees with her head bobbing up and down on his cock. I stood watching, paralyzed by the dope as a beautiful blonde with big pouty lips and pale blue see thru panties came up and started fondling Lana’s tits. If she was the wife of the guy who’d talked to me earlier I could see what he meant by Lana being in good hands!

Lana turned and kissed her and a flash went off. Someone was taking pictures, and it made Lana even hornier. Watching her sucking cock while being felt up was turning me on too. I pulled out my own cock and began to jerk myself off.

“Suck his dick baby!” I cried. “Go on…Let yourself go!!!”

The woman ran her hands through Lana’s hair and tweaked her nipples as she sucked on Jerome and he suddenly gave out a tortured cry.

“Get ready, you little fucking slut… I’m gonna cum! Jesus baby, I’ve got a really fuckin big load for you!!”

Lana opened her mouth as she jacked him off.

“Yes …Oh god yes cum…cum on my face!!!”

Jerome grunted and cried “Oh gawddd!!!” as a massive load of cum shot from his cock, sailing through the air and hitting Lana’s tongue with such force it startled her. A second volley followed and landed on her forehead and nose with a splat.

Meanwhile Lionel had pushed the blonde aside and moved in to take his turn. He held open Lana’s wet pink pussy for the crowd. His huge ebony cock was the biggest I’d ever seen and was standing at full attention.

“Look at her!” he grinned. “The fucking slut’s all soaking wet and ready to go!!!”

“Fuck the slut, Lionel!” someone yelled. “Go on! Fuck her and put her out of her misery!!”

“Yeah Lionel!” Jerome cried. “Put your big black snake in the little cocksuckers snatch!!”

Lionel laid Lana back on the floor and teased her with his massive throbbing cock, sliding it up and down her cunt until she whimpered in frustration.

“Tell everybody what you want baby! You want some big black cock in that married white pussy?”

“Yesss… oh Jesus…yesss!!!” Please… fuck me!!!!” Lana begged.

Lionel obliged her by burying all ten inches of his throbbing manhood into my wife’s pussy. The room became hushed as she looked over at me and sobbed.

“Oh god I’m sorry honey but his cock is so much bigger than yours and it feels so good!!!”

Lionel began her sexing and Lana let out a long erotic moan as he worked his mammoth cock in and out of her. As he sped up his cum filled balls slapped noisily against her reddened ass and a frothy white ring formed at the base of his cock. Lana’s cunt made wet slupping sounds. When she dug her fingernails into his back and started to make little mewling noises, I knew she was about to come.

I took out my cock and began to play with myself.

Lost in depravity and oblivious to the milling crowd I cried out. “Fuck my wife!! Go on… give it to her good!”

The blonde woman who had been fondling Lana took my drooling cock in her manicured hand.

“You really do get off on watching your wife fuck don’t you?” she smiled, getting down on her knees in front of me. “You poor little cuckold… Here, lie down on the floor and let me put you out of your misery!”

The sexy blonde commenced to suck me off, squeezing my tortured cock with her pouty red lips while Lionel fucked Lana. I’d seen a lot of blowjobs in porn movies but none of them came close to what she was doing to me. She was a master at her craft.

Just then Lionel grunted and his muscular buttocks clenched as he drained his swollen balls into Lana’s snatch. She looked over at me helplessly as he came in a shuddering climax.

“Oh fuck Mike… he’s creaming inside me!!! And I’m coming too baby!!! Oh god, I’m coming too!!!”

“Go for it Lana!” I croaked. “Let it go baby!”

I let go of my load and she giggled, backing away as volley after volley of my freshly churned cum blasted through the air.


Lionel let out a big contented sigh and drew his spent still dripping penis out of Lana’s gaping well fucked cunt. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t experience any angst.

“Man your wife is quite the ride!” he grinned at me. Lionel turned to the onlookers. “Okay you guys… whose next?”

As all the men and even some women jockeyed for position I realized that Lana and I were in for a very long night.


 Post subject: Re: Lana goes Black
Unread postPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:12 am 
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Damn hot story! Thank you!


 Post subject: Re: Lana goes Black
Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:39 pm 
top shelf, bud

 Post subject: Re: Lana goes Black
Unread postPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:17 pm 

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DAMN, Man, Thats one hot story!!! :mrgreen:

 Post subject: Re: Lana goes Black
Unread postPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:15 am 
Nice story. What a turn on.

 Post subject: Re: Lana goes Black
Unread postPosted: Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:11 am 
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Hey evensteven, very hot story! I've read these before as two separate stories on Literotica, did you post them there too?

All couples should have a hobby, this is ours... http://www.sensualsanctuary.com

 Post subject: Re: Lana goes Black
Unread postPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:43 pm 

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Yes, I posted this on literotica in a more polished version.

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