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Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:46 pm 

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Hello- We just recently found this site and are elated to be able to read about others experiences and to learn how best to move forward with a hot wife/cuckold lifestyle.

A little about My Queen (tiana143) and I. We met a year and a half ago through a mutual friend. We were/are in the process of divorces (mine finished this past december and her's is still ongoing). We really hit the ground running right from the start. Initially I was dominant with her, having been in several relationships after my ex-wife tending towards the dom/sub category, with me being the dom, it was natural for me to take on that role. I really enjoyed it, however there was/is a sub in me which My Queen (her name I am to use for her), after playing a few times, eventually saw and of which she seized upon. She saw in me a submissive and while she had always been in relationships with more traditional male/female roles, being dominant with me became quite natural and appeals to her immensely. As things have progressed, we have fallen deeply in love, exploring our roles together and now incorporating a more Female Led (FLR) type of relationship into our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately we live separately, as we both have kids and with her divorce still pending, moving in together is not an option, yet. We do have plans to make that happen eventually.

As for our relationship, we have finally found in each other something we didn't find in our other relationships; the ability to express anything on our minds without judgement. Such a freeing experience. So in exploring what and who we are, I expressed my desire and need to crossdress from time to time. She loves it! It also appeals to her bi-sexual nature (she has actually had a relationship with a woman a long time ago). She has also come to appreciate my service that I give willingly, be it helping her clean or helping with her kids or sexually, by controlling my orgasms (sometimes with a cage) and demanding a healthy licking amongst other things. We also had the wonderful opportunity last summer to connect with another domme that showed her and has encouraged her to breathe into her dominance. It was a fantastic weekend of play. As we have progressed, my submission to her has deepened. I relish moments to serve her and she in turn shows her appreciation by providing me with a 'firm hand', literally and figuratively, while continuing to love, protect, cherish, nurture and consume me passionately. We couldn't be happier.

When we first met, the both of us were in other very casual relationships which we attempted to continue while we explored our own relationship. These relationships eventually went by the wayside as we started to fall in love. For the both of us, we found it too difficult to focus on each other while having other lovers in our lives (especially trying to remain her submissive and obeying her wishes while being with someone that was my sub). Fast forward to today and we are now starting down a cuckold/hotwife pathway while maintaining our FLR status. For me, it is an opportunity to show my love and submission to her. While she has expressed that if there is someone I am interested in playing with she would take it into consideration, I personally am not as interested in that. I like the notion of her controlling my sexuality and that carries over into my own 'hetero-flexible' sensibility. She loves the idea and has seen me a couple of times, sucking a cock and would like to continue down that pathway with me.

In many of our conversations we have explored where things could go with cuckolding, discussing scenarios with potential men or women, what would work, what doesn't, and how far we see it going. It is an ongoing conversation and one that I believe will continue to evolve as we discuss and experience these possibilities. Well, as luck would have it, there is someone in her circle that has emerged as a person she is interested in playing with. He came by her house to talk about something completely unrelated and in hanging out, drinking a beer or two, things moved to heavy petting. He grabbed her and kissed her out of the blue. She was obviously very turned on and continued to make out with him as their hands explored each other. She was in the middle of her period at the time so things didn't go further but they have continued to keep in touch, though he seems to be a bit aloof when it comes to the art of wooing a woman via texts. He is also in a relationship he is not happy with but is finding it hard to escape because of his closeness with her family etc. We'll see how it goes. My Queen did breech the subject that I am her significant other and that I don't mind her playing with other men as well as my interest in watching, eventually. As things progress with him (we will call him #1), I will update here.

Since that meeting, I have officially become a cuckold and not with #1. One week after that make out session, My Queen was out on the town while I worked, eating dinner and having a few drinks and stumbling upon #1 out with his girlfriend. I met her at that bar we had a drink while #1 appeared to be slightly uncomfortable with us being there (left shortly after I got there). We moved onto another bar, with her going in first to scope out someone to flirt with while I waited outside for a bit. When I came in, she was seated at the bar next to a crossdresser!! An odd thing to see in our small conservative town. They were deeply engaged in conversation so I left them alone, not letting on that I was with her, however a short while later she called me over to introduce me to her. My Queen was loving the conversation and it was obviously turning into something steamy as they flirted and touched each other. I, in the meantime, had played a pool game, all the while keeping an eye on the two of them. My game finished (I lost, narrowly) and joined their conversation. It had become apparent that My Queen had invited her back to her place, so we gathered our things and made our way, My Queen going with her and I following in my own car. I arrived about 10 minutes after them and as I came up the stairs I could hear sexy sounds coming from her bedroom......

I think this is a good stopping point....I will continue the story soon.

Thank you for reading.
-her princess

Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:14 pm 
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Very nice intro! I can't wait to find out how the rest of the night unfolded.

A single cuck wannabe in my early thirties.

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Thank you for sharing.
I will follow your ongoing posts with interest.

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Definitely different than anything I have been involved in, so it is interesting reading. Keep it coming please.

Our Story so far: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=44005

Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:36 am 

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Continuing the story....
When I entered My Queen's bedroom, the two of them were on the bed making out with their hands all over each other. When she saw me she instructed me to disrobe and fetch her a glass of water. As i was leaving she said, 'see, he is a very obedient boy'. I returned with the glass of water and knelt on my knees at the side of the bed. She gave me the glass back to put on the side table and instructed me to get on the bed kneeling at the end. She proceeded to go to her drawer of goodies to retrieve rope which she and 'Daq' (the crossdresser) used to strap my hands to the posts at the end of her bed with my caged cock prominently exposed. They then continued their making out and started disrobing each other. She sucked him for a while then she had him lick her (she later said he wasn't very good at it-which I thought myself at the time-too fast and not focused). They then switched around and he started to fuck her with him on top. I could see from my position his cock pumping into her very wet pussy. She was loving it and every once in a while would ask if I had a good view. They rotated around the bed a bit to give me a better view and so that she could see me better as she was getting fucked, smiling at me and talking to me in-between her moans. Daq made a comment here and there about how I probably wished it was me fucking her, which was true but watching was exciting too.
Side note- My Queen and I have had many discussions about various scenarios and I had expressed many times that verbal humiliation was not my thing- especially anything to do with inadequacy which did not happen that night and I am thankful for- but the other verbal humiliation of her asking if i had a good view and if I liked seeing another cock in her etc. was very hot and his comments while I didn't think I would enjoy, actually was pretty hot too- It should also be noted that Daq was not interested in boys at all. So there was no touching me or me touching him which My Queen would have really liked.
Back to the night.... they continued fucking for a bit, moving around and eventually she was on top facing away from me. Watching her move her hips on his cock was amazing. She was really getting into it and clearly was enjoying herself which really, for me as her submissive, is what all of this is about. Seeing her pleased and being pleased. After a bit they flipped again and as they were fucking she started to spank his ass. He was clearly a novice in this realm and was quite the wimp when it came to pain. His crying out as she slapped his ass only encouraged My Queen to hit harder. She then broke out her hair brush and continued her assault. I was laughing inside at his inability to handle very much and loved seeing My Queen work him. Things started to wind down without either of them cumming, which is unfortunate. She wanted him to cum and told him to do so, most likely to have me clean up afterwards (she loves having me lick my own cum off of her or from her pussy), but he was unable to. As for My Queen, she does not reach orgasms easily so it takes a skilled tongue, the right amount of fingers or cock in her and in the right position to get her there but that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy any of it.

Anyway, as things wound down, she untied me and we all laid on the bed with her in the middle, snuggling us. It was a nice end to the session. Daq then proceeded to leave of which I helped him gather his things and escorted him out of the house. When I returned to the bedroom My Queen held me tight, told me she loved me and provided a good amount of aftercare as we drifted off to sleep. the next morning she wanted me. We made love for a good hour, rounding out the evening's activities.

This week I have been replaying the evening with visions of all that happened as well as having many conversations about the evening with My Queen. We are both elated with the outcome and felt he was the ideal person for my first venture into becoming her official cuckold.

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